More tolerance towards girls

27 Jan

Smoking girl

I saw some messages in facebook. They ere actually comments to pictures of girls drinking and smoking. The commenter asked the question ‘weather the girls are family girls?’. Well why can’t he ask question if drunk men are family men or not? If they are, in which way they are superior to these girls?

Yes traditionally India is a anti-girl society, but that does not mean we must keep it that way. People (especially men) must realize that women have equal amount rights and they are no way inferior to us. Any woman in this nation should be entitled to experiment with everything that a man experiments.

Gender is just that one hormone secretion over other, just one chromosome turning Y instead of X. I don’t think why this should be allowed to cause difference between one human and other.

Tolerance must be cultivated, all humans must be regarded equal. I can’t understand whats wrong in girls smoking and drinking, provided when its not wrong for boys to do it?

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Posted by on January 27, 2012 in Philosophy


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