Rise above humanity

27 Jan


Rise above humanity and you’ll know how funny this monkey derivative and evolution is. The holy texts say humans are between demons and god’s, though it sounds scientifically absurd, there is some truth in it. The demon refers to our natural instincts, the instinct to be at the top, the greed, the instinct to have all, the instinct to achieve all we want anyhow. The god refers to the controlling ability our mind has, like controlling ones desire, overcoming our instinct to become the top one, having ability to stop and help others, the ability to sacrifice, the ability to stick to truth and dharma. We humans are tugged between these two forces. The force of instinct is greater in animals, the force of controllability is present in mythical being god which we wish to achieve.

Unfortunately a human of today is becoming pure animal and its funny to see his behavior. There is no need to read a book of jokes, all one needs to do is to watch humans and you can burst out into laughter by their crazy behavior. These are many crazy things humans do. The religions invented by humans (especially Christianity) tries to ban technology because it can control us, but it fails to understand that God which itself a invention of human is controlling us due to our ignorance. Western cultures fear robots because they can take over us, but today we see an invention called money has taken over them and they are happily ready to suffer for it.

Many Indians follow a religion that says life is a suffering, but they prefer to get married and start producing life to carry on their suffering. Leaders talk about peace, yet spend millions on military research. A country that cannot provide good drinking water to majority of its population hosts a luxurious F1 event! (when I wrote this stuff F1 was hosted by India)

This group of monkeys called humans fail to believe that nothing is constant, everything is meaningless and there is nothing called self. It (the human) takes for granted that what it hears first is the truth and seldom investigates. It has failed or is failing to generate happiness from void and constantly flip flops, cultivates unwanted desire, lives for it and dies thinking that it did it for a purpose. It fails to believe everything is within ones mind and fails to control the monkey mind.

Funny, funny, funny! When am I going to meet some one who has risen above humanity?

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Posted by on January 27, 2012 in Philosophy


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