Shahrukh Khan looks like a girl

08 Feb


Was watchin T.V last week end, when I was flipping through channels, came across a military picture and it made me laugh. One guy was tall, well built Sikh and fit for a job in the army, other person was a girl at first look, thin, bloody thin, ghost white, like a zombie that just ended its year long hunger strike. It was Shahrukh Khan. I couldn’t stop laughing!

He just looked like a modern girl who starve them self to look thin and hence to get a boy friend. He looked like a girl, he truly did and I couldn’t believe it. He was clean shaven, had no trace of facial hair, all it took me half a second to truly determine who was that girl like creature.

I wonder why men prefer to be like girls? Well girls histrionically like to be like men, thats possibly because they envy us. But a man trying to be like a girl is yuk! Quiet un-imaginable. This is not the first time, I was designing a website long long ago for a fashion company when they sent me their catalog, they manufacture men’s clothing, and most of the models looked like girls.

A man must be a man, and must not look like a girl. Its spoils the dignity of entire manhood, just like dowry ( paid sex ) has given us a real bad image.

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