Ubuntu programmers will be in high demand

10 Feb

Ubuntu on Nokia

Very soon a day could arrive where Ubuntu programmers will be in very high demand. Ever since its inception, Ubuntu has swept the computer world. Even those computer users who have not used it, have certainly heard about it. Its because of the brilliant marketing campaign by the company Canonical and its boss Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu Operating System is built on sound philosophy of Ubuntu which will sure attract hackers. It tries to be open as much as possible. And when it began life, millions of CD’s pressed with Ubuntu were distributed around the world free of charge. This propelled it to become the most favorite Linux operating system for desktops (of course today mint has slightly over taken it).


Ubuntu Heads Up Display

Ubuntu has always been innovative. When Apple and Microsoft rel;eased their OS’es in 1 or 2 year interval, Ubuntu released new version in every 6 months.Recently its Unity desktop revolutionized computing making it far easier for beginners (and even advanced) users to find and launch programs (though unity is not loved by much of old school Linux desktop community). Ubuntu in 12.04 will launch HUD ( Heads up display ) which will make it easy for one to access menus in a program, thus making one quickly access menus and hence make one complete his / her task quickly.

Ubuntu was one of the first Linux distros to target user experience and making it its prime goal. Almost all Ubuntu distros since 2005 have installed in 20 minutes and installation process is far  clear compared to Windows. Ubuntu has always proven that it has got the edge to capture the market and it has got the will not to do evil.

So why will Ubuntu programmers will be on demand in near future? Well its because of the following reason(s)

Ubuntu will constantly innovate and will be the most easy to use operating system on the planet. So many desktops and laptops in offices will migrate to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu will extend itself to tablets and mobiles. This will directly rival Android, but Ubuntu has got the stuff to make it the worlds best OS.


There will be a way to write program once and run it on any where, in any Ubuntu device. Possibly programs will be mostly written in Python and will run on desktops, tablets and hand held.

All the above features will make Ubuntu one of the top reigning operating systems and hence more programmers will be hired to write more apps. So if you are aspiring programmer, try learn to program Ubuntu, you could end up in fat paid job.

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