Rash driving by I.T employees

15 Feb

Just 20 minutes ago, 10:30 AM , I was driving at the back yards of Siruseri SIPCOT, I.T park. A Maruthi Swift, grey-silver was traveling bloody fast in the opposite direction, going towards the software town. He seemed not to notice that my vehicle was there, he came so close, and he hit my rear view mirror and it shattered, and it ruptured one of my windshield. Such was his speed.

I thought that guy was nuts, braked my car and saw, he was miles away, a classic hit and run case. Me and my uncle in the car started to suspect that guy might be drunk or some thing. What should be a safe pass if he had steered little left, and slowed down,  turned to be a damage to my vehicle and possibly to his too.

More than damaged, its the attitude of the I.T employee i worry. Without acknowledging there was a mishap, he speed-ed his vehicle and vanished. I wonder if he would have done the same thing if he had hit a small child or old people. A barbaric attitude.

Even a lorry driver who cannot read or write, during accident will surely park his vehicle and take notice of the situation and would acknowledge his mistake if he had made any. I.T industry is a immoral one. People in it, including me, work here so that American jobs are lost in the name of competition ad economic success. We graduate out of some college, get a job, and tr to fly abroad so that we can seek more prestige in our life. In this quest we are forgetting humaneness which is extremely dangerous one.

I.T companies test weather a person is a money making machine and how soon he or she will make money for them have failed to test weather one is human or not. Weather one would accept his or her mistakes or put the blame on other so that he can survive by elimination. I.T firms promote people who squeeze people like sugar cane lash their juniors like cattle to work for them and make money, than those who care about the people who work for them and do good to humanity.

Satyam fell, soon, if this trend continues many will fall, and many of them could be in I.T park in Siruseri SIPCOT. I appeal to the American, European and Western companies to take note of this incident. If such a employee is working in a project outsource by you, and if some thing wrong happens, will the person have courage to encounter it, take responsibility and rectify it, or would he jump off the sinking ship like rat? Its up to you to think or believe in Incredible India marketing.

Dishonesty and corruption and cowardliness is filled in the Indian I.T world, because its dominated by people who don’t care about honesty and those who have almost no responsibility. All they care about is them, them and them. Their money and their well being. If you are a westerner reading this article, please think about it. Its not enough for the west to ensure that safe standards are implemented in Chinese factories, but for your good you must ensure Indian companies employ brave and able people and not rats that run away during mistakes and disaster. Or better improve man power in your country and turn things so that they won’t loose their jobs.

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