India must firmly stand behind Iran

16 Feb

Its unimaginably stupid of Israel and USA to think Iran as a threat. USA has loads of nuclear weapons that can roast Iran many times over. Israel, though it wont admit, has enough nuke to defend itself. Even if Iran is developing nuclear weapon, why shouldn’t it do so? Iran is a dynamic country having many thinkers, great culture. Of-course there is almost no rationalism in there. But Israelites are equally religious fanatics and in USA many people fail to believe in evolution. If a nation dominated by stupids like USA can have nuclear arsenal, why not Iran?

Iran clearly says its nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes. Its oil will run out one day and it need to have some reliable energy source to run itself. I see no fault in Iran.

India must stand behind Iran. Iran traditionally has been a great friend to India. Its the only Arab nation that supports the claim that Kashmir belongs to us. One of the only Arab nation that believed Pakistans train terrorists. It has been our true friend. Its ready to embark on great deal of energy projects with India.

India should stop its passive role in international politics, should convince Iran to reverse its stand on destroying Israel and must convince Israel that Iran is not so bad nation. India needs both nations. Iran for energy, Israel for defense ties and to improve the life’s of Jews in India.

Manmohan Singh could be a little mute, but I think he will take steps to bring peace to this planet.


Posted by on February 16, 2012 in Politics


3 responses to “India must firmly stand behind Iran

  1. Joe Taibi Jr.

    March 12, 2012 at 6:56 PM

    The reason it shouldn’t is quite simple. There is no constructive reason to do so. Only the certain potential for more destruction. Everyone else (except N. Korea) has ceased building these weapons and begun dismantling them. I feel greatly for the people of Iran. (As opposed to their government) much as here in the USA, though far too few see it ad those who do and speak out are ignored, they’re dictated to by a Government they do not want to act in ways that certainly do not represent their desires.

  2. ankit

    June 19, 2012 at 6:55 PM

    Here is your so called “TRADITIONAL INDIAN FRIEND”, go and search “IRAN SUPPORT TO PAKISTAN 1971 and 1965”.

    Similarly the Mullahs of Iran(including iran supreme leader) asks for JIHAD in KASHMIR, and you are saying IRAN is INDIA(HINDU COUNTRY’S) friend. Dont live in world of IMAGINATION(similar to Nehru world which was broken when CHINESE FUCKED US IN 1962). Iran is a fundamentalist muslim country hence it is not friend of india.

  3. ankit

    June 19, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    And who said IRAN support INDIA over kashmir, their supreme leader recently spoke of “JIHAD FOR KASHMIR” .. It was because of HINDUS LIKE RSS that your ancestors and women were freed from MUSLIMS, it was “RSS LIKE HINDU EMPIRE OF MARATHA WHO FREED INDIA,BANGLADESH AND PAKISTAN” and then “RANJIT SINGH WHO CAPTURE WHOLE OF PAKISTAN AND NWFP AND FATA PROVINCE of afghanistan” .

    Secular hindus were not able to do anything against “MUGHAL AND DURRANI EMPIRE”


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