iWoz – a must read book

27 Feb
iWoz Book

A auto biography by Steve Wozniak.

I don’t  read normal books (but this habit is now changing I think). I read scientific literature like a book filled with math equations an stuff like that. I tried to read ‘Losing Virginity‘ by Richard Branson, it was good, but started to bore out. Then I caught upon this book iWoz written by Steve Wozniak ( one of Apple computers  founder) and wow! It was excellent.

The first thing I must say about it is, I feel this book is written with 100% honesty. This book clears many myths that surrounds Apple like Steve Jobs along with Woz created Apple I and II, thats not true at all. Woz created the first Apples and Jobs found a market for it. Steve Jobs is no genius but a really excellent show guy with some evil desire inside.

The thing that struck me in this book is that there are some advice to engineers, inventors and artists. Woz rightly says: in a huge organizations, those people with good minds will be wasted. Undermined by management, as companies are formed with a quest for money and not to improve the intellectual superiority of people who work there. Woz advices thinkers to work alone. If they are in a organization, then work on your projects in moonlight. If you are lucky, you could be successful.

I was very impressed by it. I too worked in a company called HCL, very soon I found out that company was no good than to boast that it has huge profits. Life in it was hell. The surprising thing was people loved to work there because they could boast outside that they work in big company! Seeing those people, I felt like I was in a huge mental hospital where money has washed off all intelligence in their brains. AND I QUIT.

Though I have a web designing company. I hugely stay out of it. It runs itself, I mostly work from my home and monitor progress and falls. I have always felt that people are stupids and mingle very less. That too when I have got nothing good to do.

Another thing that struck me is how similar inventors brains work. Woz did many of his designs on his paper, and finished it in real hardware when time gave him the resources. While I was young, I tried to invent many things and surely none will give me money to test my ideas. I wrote it in a book, since my Mind was a laboratory to test it, I named the book as ‘Mind As Lab’ . Thats what I have named my first company.

If you are a thinker, trapped in a huge organization, or if you want to know the history of Apple computers (minus all those myths) iWoz is the book to read. I could be writing a ton about this book. But I am stopping it here. If you are thinker / engineer, you must get this book.


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2 responses to “iWoz – a must read book

  1. Sridevi Samuel

    April 20, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    Hey Karthick , Can u tel me what is population of Tnagar? in 2012

    • Karthikeyan A K

      April 21, 2012 at 12:13 PM

      1,26,817 people at this second


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