Pathetic Transport in Sithalapakkam

29 Feb

Killer Share Auto

Sithalapakkam is a tiny place off Medavakkam. It was a quiet area, but now its buzzing with activity. Its population is almost doubling every year. Five years ago when I saw Medavakkam and Sithalapakkam, there would be no cars on the road, but  today its as busy as T.Nagar or any other area in the city. The pathetic thing here is the transport.

5 years ago, it was OK to have very few buses as the population of Sithalapakkam barely would have touched 500 people, but today 1000’s of cars pass through Sithalapakkam every day! The population has exploded and the transport still almost remains the same.

Every day when I drive in and out of this place I see people hanging from buses. School children unable to get into bus because its tightly packed and there is no other alternative for them. There are share autos whizzing in and out but they treat humans as animals. People almost hang out of share autos like animals. The share autos make dangerous maneuvers on roads, speed and brake unnecessarily, get involved in a major accident every month. Yet I wonder why the leaders of Sithalpakkam wish to remain dumb like Gods?

One gossip says that, its the leaders of Sithalapakkam wanted to keep public transport out of this place because its they who run the share auto business. Well that looks absolutely possible. Never once I have sen a police man bully a share auto driver as they do in other areas. Never once a police guy seeing a share auto speeding or overloaded has pulled them over and checked their papers. NEVER.

J.Ranjendran (of the DMK who was  quite worst) has been thrown out of leadership, now some AIADMK guys rules this area, but no change. Every day a new Jayalalitha poster pops here and there blocking corners which would otherwise help one to see which vehicle is approaching a junction. Some thing has to be done. Something to quell the demon share auto raj.

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Posted by on February 29, 2012 in Politics


One response to “Pathetic Transport in Sithalapakkam

  1. rameshkumar

    August 2, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    I am living sithalapakkam. Here what sir says is absolutely correct. What my thought is the people living in sithalapakkam dont have any anger their politicians. The remarakable preiceless gifts were got by the voters at the time of election. So no one is ready to ask any help their politicians. Last week two guys lost their lives in shreauto travel


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