Why is India bowing to evil forces?

12 Mar

Yesterday I did a good thing. I downloaded ‘The Satanic Verses’ written by Salmaan Rushide, downloaded and viewed the movie ‘9 hours to Rama’ and downloaded another book called ‘The Polyester Prince’. All these media have something common, they are banned in India. Ask any Indian citizen why they are banned? And he would not have a slight knowledge of it.

Long ago I have seen this movie called ‘The Davinci’s code’ which was banned in India because the Christians here threatened the government to ban it. It was such a good movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really wonder whats wrong in Jesus getting married to some one and having children? If ordinary people can can do it, why not the son of God? Is he produced unable to do those stuff or something? He is a man right?

Davinci’s code is a movie, a fiction and is not based on facts, the same way Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and many other religions say there is God and have offered no proof so far. If these religion can exist in India, then why can’t this movie?

9 hours to Rama is another excellent movie I have seen. In it they show the Godse side of view, why he was pushed into killing Gandhi. There is nothing offensive about India in it, yet it is banned. I think the Hindu groups must have threatened the government to ban this movie because it shown that Godse was influenced by Hinduism to take up the gun.

Not to mention the Muslim groups have troubled the author Salmaan Rushide so much that he has fled India. His book ‘Satanic Verses’ is banned in India. The only thing Muslims seem to be doing now is to order fatwa (sacred killing) of those who challenge it and they never seem to have the bravery to face open and free discussion. They have even forced an excellent Bengali author Taslima Nasrin to run out of India. In T.V I have seen her being assaulted by a mob of religious fanatics in the city of Hydrabad in India. Hindu groups have even forced an excellent painter M.F.Heussein to flee India and seek refuge in Qatar (where he died in vain). The judiciary and politician and law seems to do nothing to protect him from evil forces!

Another book banned is the ‘Polyester Prince’ which is a story of the life of top industrialist Dirubai Ambani. he rose to top by bribing and rowdyism. All know about him, yet a book about him is banned here. Just four months before his men threatened me that they will cut all my Internet connections if I cancel my Reliance broadband subscription, and by law they said they had the power to do it. I told them to proceed and it looks like their charging chariot against me has got stuck in mud.

Why this county is calling itself free and is allowing people like the Ambani’s, Hindu’s, Muslims and others spread evil? India should call it self a nation dependent on bribes and vote banks rather than free. Lets be honest and call ourself what we are deserved to be called.

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Posted by on March 12, 2012 in Electronic Freedom, Politics


One response to “Why is India bowing to evil forces?

  1. Joe Taibi Jr.

    March 12, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    Isn’t it ironic? The amount of evil that flows from those pretending devotion to godly “isms”?


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