Illegal Money Collection in Valliammai Engineering College

22 Mar

Colleges far from being temple of knowledge are becoming like temples of today. Temples offer no proof of God but the pundits and priests use blind faith to extract money from the faithful. In a similar fashion Valliammai (just one among many engineering colleges in Chennai) illegally collects money from the students. Here is a insider report.

The first thing this college flouts is the donation rule. According to university norms, no college must collect donation, instead they are only eligible to collect fees from students. But for SRM Valliammai College, parents are forced to pay Rs 2 Lakhs as donation. Nothing can be done about it, for years and university authorities haven’t taken a single action on that college. WHY?

Here is another two tricks the college employs to gain more and more money. A student can bunk any lecture / class, but has to pay Rs 15 as a fine. If he does not, his parents would be informed! Another thing thing this college does is to collect Rs 200 if some one has failed a periodical (internal) test. This they say is for conducting the retest. This is a clear violation of university norms. If any one fails to pay these money they will bve publicly abused in college. Anna University has never said to colleges to collect money for students bunking class and failing test. A college is entitled to collect only tuition fees and nothing else. But since Anna University is unimaginably corrupt, colleges can run their own gunda raj in their campuses and thats what is happening here.

If you are parent reading this blog think about this. Are you fit to be a parent if you put your son or daughter in a place where the norms are flouted? Or will you want them to be nursed in a legal environment?


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3 responses to “Illegal Money Collection in Valliammai Engineering College

  1. ramesh

    June 12, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    how r u? i read the above matter and i want to say one information to you .In rajalakshmi engineering college , thandalam they are charging rs.10,000 per subject from research scholor (ph.d) who are registered for course work in that college. ——anna university of technology,chennai

  2. Vijay

    August 19, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    We are students and our only duty is studying … We don’t do that our parents face the situation of paying donation . I Joined that college through anna university counseling and they didn’t ask me to pay any donation.

    Paying 200 for exam fee.. If teachers say anything nowadays students commit suicide and blame teachers . This better way to make them study and pass the subjects. Those who really want to study for all the efforts of their parents blood and sweat will not mind these because they will not come to a situation to pay this

    • Karthikeyan A K

      August 19, 2012 at 11:42 AM

      Ofcourse you can’t collect money from those who ome via this Anna univ counseling. The college must only collect the tuition fees, but thats not happening. So you mean to say that the college is acting like local dada.

      Dada protects life’s of people by getting maamul, and college does that by charging money for failures. Hail your chairmain. What was he before he created your college? A political assassin or something?


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