Information freedom curbed in intellectual city

14 Apr

The Devil of Bengal

Kolkatta is the intellectual city of India. Its famous for books, tea shops and people with bright ideas who never hesitate to debate about a subject. It was long ruled by   the communist, but now they have a new leader called Mamta Banerjee and she is proving to be the curse of West Bengal.

Today I was shocked when I read in news that Mamta had ordered an arrest of a college professor because he circulated funny jokes about her. Bengali’s are supposed to be the most intelligent people on this planet, able to accept criticism and have a sharp mind, but Mamta is proving otherwise.

Before arresting the professor, Mamta had ordered her party workers to trash him and has forced that intellectual to write and sign a letter that said he belonged to the communist party (Marxist). This act by any politician is intolerable and I strongly feel that this demon of Bengal must take full responsibility for the professors woes and must step down from power.

I can’t imagine in a state that was ruled by statesmen like Budha-deb and Jyothi Basu who are fine gentleman, a demon has risen to power. I wonder what things Bengalis would face with a idiot holding the seat of chief minister.

Earlier Mamta systematically tortured Tata Motors and made them close their Nano Car plant in Singur (West Bengal), Its said that sh got money from this from rival car companies in India. This was one of the major industrial losses to that state and no  industry now likes to invest in Bengal.

The people of Bengal must rise, they are the people of intellectual state of India and they must do all it can to make Mamta ask apology from that professor.

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