Tea shop and womens freedom

18 Apr

Sushma Swaraj and Brinda Karat hugging to celebrate a minor triumph for woman's reservation bill.

Overlooking from my large office window I can see a nice little tea shop and fast food eatery below. The smell of bondas, samosas often made me climb down and have a snack or two there. There are may people from office below and from the Wipro offices in Guindy (Chennai) who visit that shop situated right in wipro service lane.

Well, all my friends know me as a foodie, this blog is not about food but about womens freedom. Today in parliament, women MP’s debate for 33% compulsory women representation (which I appose and think its stupid), well has any of those MP or any women leader of this nation gone to a road side tea shop and had a tea and masal vadai or a cutlet (alone unaccompanied by body guards)?

Well, why thats important? When ever I drink tea, I find no girls there, all men and only men. Every day I watch tens of women walking into wipro service lane, but not one present at the tea shop. Why? In a nation where women does not feel like going to tea shop and standing and having snacks equal to men, how can we dream of women having equal representation in parliament?

Whats wrong with this nation? A tea shop is not a men’s dressing room where a girl walks in and come out embarrassed. Its a public place open for any one to have a refreshment. We need to think, what makes us discourage women from having a simple tea from a road side shop where a executive man has a tea standing equally with his watchMAN?

I strongly believe freedom for woman must start from home, street and then climb up. The society must trust girls. How many families let their boys off without question when they say there are going for tea, but when the girl in the family says that….?

Just a day ago I heard a man speaking to is wife ‘ask me before you do something’ said he in a firm voice. I wonder weather he married because he liked her or because he is fond of having a biological toy to play with? I assure this reader the day we see women drinking tea in a road side shop, the day in which we see them smoking and drinking in bars along side us, will be the day of true India’s freedom. It will be the day I will be writing about transgender freedom and not care a dime of woman.

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One response to “Tea shop and womens freedom

  1. Karthikeyan A K

    July 24, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    Guess what, today at 5:30, jus half an hour ago I was in Sukumar Tea Shop in Wipro service lane in Guindy and a bunch of girls came up to have some bondas and lah blah.

    Well, thats good indeed. Wish women will truly get equal status as men in society.


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