Narendra Modi as Prime Minister

05 May

Today we are in a nation thats been ruled by a week government. We have a good man Manmohan Singh as prime-minister, but his survival is purely dependent on how much “yes boss” he says to Sonia and Rahul.

We have lost Quattrochi, the man behind bofors scam, possibly because he is a Italian, very well known to Sonia. A.Raja and DMK’s Kanimozhi have looted 1,76,000 crores in the 2G scam and the prime-minister has no idea about it.

In the northern and eastern states, Maoist and naxals are on a rampage, abducting IAS officers and MLA’s an the government seems to have no power curbing them. The Congress and BJP debate about NCTC and go on blah blah thus proving both are worthless.

India could not take a stand on Srilankan issue. It watched as Tamilians were killed in the genocide as Pakistan and China supplied arms for the slaughter. China is encircling India, by constructing a string of harbors in the Indian ocean and they can destroy all our naval bases within days if war may come, whereas our army is deeply corrupt and almost out of any morale.

What does India need now? An Indian version of Winston Churchill and I feel Narendra Modi is the right man. Just think of what he has achieved. When we think of Gujrat, we think of a rural place where cows graze and people make butter from that milk. But today Gujrat is the the most industrialized state in this country. People love to invest in it. Almost all of the top 10 business groups have their presence in Gujrat. There are no power cuts there, a thing thats unthinkable in Tamilnadu where we have 10 hours of power cuts every day. Power tariffs in Gujrat remains the same, whereas we have been paying higher and higher.

While almost all politicians (including BJP) concentrate on looting the nation, making personal wealth and winning next election, Modi thought of development. He thought, if I make my land better, offer good governance, people might select me as leader again and he was right. His emphasis on performance is legendary. Those who work in government offices if did not perform well will be kicked out. A thing unthinkable in almost any other state. If we touch an government employee any where else in India, there would be strikes and mass quitting of work. But in Modi’s raj, even people in government offices work. Thats a miracle in Indian terms.

I had the opportunity to visit Surat a long time ago. Modi was the chief minister. Many people told me Surat is one of the dirtiest cities in India, but when I was there my impression changed. No city in Tamilnadu can come equal to Surat. There were almost no pot holes. If I drive a kilometer away from my home in any direction ( in Tamilnadu) I will encounter at least 50 potholes. The city and its garbage bins were clean, bleached and disinfected every morning. I couldn’t see a plastic bag. Here in Sithalapakkam, if you just enter, you could see plastic bags flying almost in every platform. Traffic signals were working, something that happens only 40% in Tamilnadu. I was stunned!

I strongly feel Modi should become Indian prime-minister in coming term. Perhaps BJP won’t make him a PM candidate because of his honesty and stubbornness, but if he becomes, I feel he will surely lift India, as Churchill did it for England in war times.

Modi is so so successful that USA and Pakistan hate him and are afraid of him, if he becomes prime-minster for our country for next 10 years, we can become one of the top 5 economies on this planet and still have our dignity by not licking USA’s shoes.


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3 responses to “Narendra Modi as Prime Minister

  1. MG

    May 13, 2012 at 11:53 AM

    I am an NRI from the USA.

    Mr. Modi is the only Indian politician with more than 600,000 followers on Twitter inspite of the hate campaign run against him relentlessly by the media. Let’s just pray that he does win because India has suffered enough and if we truly want to be the superpower, we need CEO-like ministers like Mr. Modi. In my opinion, his political strategy should be to increase his international allies, especially across all developed nations. I won’t be surprised if the Indian media took a U-turn if he had international support.

  2. Aparna

    July 5, 2012 at 12:38 PM

    Lucid and and a very balanced article describing (exactly) my point of view on Modi. He’s gutsy. He’s real. He’s surreal. A man India needs right now. I sincerely hope BJP declares Modi as its candidate for Prime Minister, without fearing its allies.

  3. Jothibash

    February 26, 2013 at 8:26 PM

    Narendra Modi A One man Army … My Point of View is also that He is the Right man and will be the right choice if BJP wants to win dis election. Or Else It ll be the Tough For BJPand For India. again Needs to Struggle For aNother 8 or More years With this Family(Congress) Government… My Support Is For Narendra Modi or Sushma Swaraj..


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