Indian laws entrap married men

27 May
Haute Burmese Girl

Haute Burmese Girl

I was shocked to see on T.V a law that they claim would protect a married women. If the woman wants to divorce a man she gets whoppy 50% of his wealth.

Woha! Iam quiet sure that this will encourage a culture where many cosmopolitan woman would marry 3 or 4 rich guys, divorce them and settle in life with all those wealth.

Wonder what these Indian politicians are thinking? Are all women like Kannaki? Our society is moving into a phase of plenty, in it personal freedom matters more than progress of a collective union. People want to be free and so does women. Women are starting to disrespect family system in slow and steady fashion. And bringing a law like this at this time is totally dangerous to men who are and who want to be married.

There is another divorce law (for Hindus) that shocked me. It says that if a man wants to divorce, he must have the consent of his wife. If a woman wants to divorce she can do it just like that in a flash (and get 50% of his wealth).

I don’t know why our parliament is filled with so stupid people. If they want to empower women, they must empower them. Encourage them to think and work. If the MP’s have the opinion that women are meant to be as free cooks and sex worker for a man, then more stupid laws like these will roll out.

Well wha about men? Well we have girls in other nations. Myanmaar for example. These chicks look haute too šŸ˜‰ Ah! great idea, why don’t I make a trip to Burma?

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One response to “Indian laws entrap married men

  1. Abdul Wahid

    June 19, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    Burma.. sounds nice


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