Social networking sucks. I want video networking.

03 Jun

Its been long. From 2004 we have been having some form of social networking. I have been using social networking for a long long time. Infact it predates facebook. Remember PHPbb? Well forums are a form of social network and remember those old MSN and Yahoo chat? Well they are are some form of social networks.

The web is going to get more bandwidth, we are going to get lot faster in Web 3.0. So why can’t I hook up a camera near my forehead / wear it like a pendant and let my friends know what I am upto at that instant? Its really possible and will be very much sane in few years.

When you tube was launched it was ridiculed that it sends a content equivalent of 1000’s of emails in just one video, but now most people I know watch you tube than T.V. Some now might say it requires more bandwidth, processing power and blah blah, but I say when cost of these stuff go down, real time video networking will be possible.

In all social networks, I need to type some text, or take a photo or video and then upload it and press a button for it to be shared to my friends. But with rel time video network, my friends could see what I am doing when ever my camera is turned on! That would be great!!

I am talking to people to gather resources and start doing it. So lets see about it! I am so excited.


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