Illegal garbage burning in Lubdub, Sithalapakkam

10 Jun

I was taking usual walks on my terrace today, when the cottage industry nearby my house which manufactures something for heart surgery began to emit black plumes of smoke. “Its on fire!” exclaimed my uncle, well I knew what was happening, the watchman in it burns toxic plastic waste at the backyard of the company. They do it even though they know its illegal.

Burning of plastic is banned in Tamilnadu, yet its seldom followed. In case of medical waste, as in the case of Lubdub, Chennai, they must burn it safely using an incinerator that disposes the toxic gases off safely. Burning of waste in the open by the watchman possesses a serious long term health risk for people in Sithalapakkam.

You see burning of plastic produces these toxic chemicals called dioxins which dramatically increases chance one gaining cancer. Even if you are quiet far away from the burning area, wind could carry these chemicals into you, your family and your child’s lungs, thus causing a major loss of life. When it rails, the burned remains get dissolved in water and pollutes the water table, resulting in range of diseases.

I could fight against this company Lubdub. In fact I am enraged by it, but wonder how many in Sithalapakkam would support me to make it a success. I am typing this blog surrounded by plastic smoke and not knowing what really to do.

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