Mad Jayalalitha blocks traffic in Chennai

13 Jun

Mad Jayalalitha

Jaya’s madness once again peaked today. Yesterday night while we were driving via Guindy race course, we saw the streets were brightly lit. It looked as though the politicians have stopped looting and have used the peoples money t light the streets of Guindy. To our dismay we soon found out that a local AIADMK marriage is taking place and Jaya could be coming to visit it and hence this arrangement.

My friend esquired the person who was in-charge of the decoration and he said that the pandals cost about Rs 50 Lakhs to construct and they are equipped to have air coolers and all other luxuries to support Jaya’s visit. 50 Lakhs is 50 year salary of an average Indian, or 20 year salary of moderately rich Indian. Yet its been spent in a single night for Jaya’s visit.

I was one to witness Jaya’s extravaganza right at my door step when I lived in a place called Gandhinagar, Adyar in Chennai. At that time her adopted son got married and our entire area of Gandhinagar was covered with pandals. Walking onto street was like walking inside my home. Every street had a roof with excellent lighting and every road was covered with red carpet.

Almost all the money that wee spent on it was unaccounted. People saw it and Jaya was thrown out of power. Now being reelected, she has changed no bit and is still very foolish and mad.

Today morning while driving to office, all the paths near race-course are blocked. We took  a detour from Velacherry road, went into a place called Adambakkam, from there some how came into Guindy via another way. Why? All because this mad Jayalalitha wants to visit that AIADMK marriage. I just coulldn’t imagine she is same old woman who has learned almost nothing from her previous mistakes.

I feel its better Tamilians ignore both Jaya and Karuna and elect some one who forms a third front. But wonder if Tamilians are that intelligent.

‘As a Tamilian whats the capital of USA and he would struggle to find an answer. Ask him whats the locomotive of Yamadharman, “Buffalo” he would say immediately’ – C.N. Annadurai 🙂

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