Karunanidhi deciving Tamils once again

14 Jun

Karuna with Kanumozhi (Potential looter of the state)

It has become his routine. Though I respect Karuna for his many works in and about Tamil language and giving a face lift to Tamilians in Indian politics, he has deceived people much too often.

I was shocked to hear that he has started a new thing in which he claims he will get Eelam for Tamils in Sri Lanka. The only issue is Tamils were squarely defeated in Lanka recently in war, I don’t know why Karuna has no knowledge about it?

While Tamils in Eelam hospitals and refugee camps there were being killed in their hundreds, Karuna here was busy looting India (in 2G scam). While there was a genocide going on in Lanka, Karuna boldly claimed that the war was over! Which was a blatant lie, and was projected as truth by his huge television and print networks he control.

A leader who says that Tamils are above his life sat stud in his seat in Chennai while here were being killed beyond our Indian border. The government which he supported (UPA), were providing logistic support and possibly arms to Lankan army. Well this same leader is ready to fly to Delhi and make negotiations to top brass when his daughter is put into jail for suspected looting. In short Karuna is willing to negotiate for a potential thief rather than to negotiate and prevent life of thousands of innocent Tamils. Well this is what seems to be the hallmark of leadership according to DMK.

When it comes to Eelam issue, I truly respect வை.Gopalasamy of the MDMK who has never deviated from his word (as far as my knowledge goes). But the sentiment I see from Tamils in Tamilnadu is clear, people here now see Karuna and his son Stalin as a joker than anything more.

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One response to “Karunanidhi deciving Tamils once again


    December 25, 2012 at 6:50 PM

    I would like to meet you in person to extend my heartfull thanks. The reason for it i will tell you later on.

    Yours Sincerely


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