Business, Games and Love

23 Jun

Well these are the three things that has shaped my life, weather I like it or not and they have similarities and lot of contrast between them. They all share one great similarity about which I will tell at last of this blog.

The first similarity between these three is the animal instinct. In business, games and in women (not exactly love), you see something, you want it, you get it and it becomes bored / desired result is achieved. Then you aim for the next. When it comes to business and games, leaving one and desiring for another is not bad as they have almost no emotions ( till the day of singularity ), but in case of women, I see many who claim that they are in love and fall for another girl, thats cheap and it has happened to me once. Looks like we men have no way of controlling the hormonal surge. Thankfully error detection software in my brain kicked in and corrected my path. These have scared me. It often makes me think weather I will be committed to a girl 100% and will that girl be committed to me 100%, that seems like a really really odd probability.

Another stuff that these three have is you start them with passion, then you achieve something in it. In business it is profits and sale of your business itself. It game, you see a flashy string “YOU WIN” and in love its marriage. But once that achieved, they become a boredom to you. Till now, the girls I loved have refused to marry me / they were forced to refuse, but when I see my friends who have made their love into successful marriage, they say it has become boring after certain limits!

The third think these stuff have is their illusion. Its crystal clear and evident that there is no point in life. A person who eats and sleeps, and a person who performs barbaric acts to conquer the worlds, and a person who has overcome superpower using just truth are all going to share the same fate (either earlier or later). But its these three, business, games and love that give an illusion that there is something, something to do. You are created to win supermario or conquer markets / nations, or win the heart of girl you admire. Its this false illusion that keeps one going. These are the things that diverts your attention from your soul and focuses it on the external world (just like alcohol and drugs). Without it, people will realize the meaning of life as they start to look into themselves and start to speak with their soul.

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