Karthik wasted in Sakuni

27 Jun

Subject: Don’t even buy Sakuni on pirated DVD. It sucks.

Actor Karthik

I was working in a company called Trend Electric in Adyar, when one of my dear friends Sakthi Lingam dragged to a movie in Ganapathyram theater. He knows I don’t appreciate movie’s that much. All movies in Tamil follow the same trend, there will be a hero, there will be a heroine and they will join together at last, possibly after a villain being killed or a sour love turning sweet. In that course of three hours there will be four fights were the hero will smash somewhere between 50 to 200 bad guys and 4 songs which will mostly be crap.

I have learned to hate Tamil movies for their monotonic tone, and I expected the same in Ganapathyram and guess what? The movie was electrifying. Set in the backdrop of rural Tamilnadu, it was a tale about a boy and his uncle who are a small time thief in a village. Their ambition is to cross the small village jails and some how get arrested in a big crime so that they can see Chennai’s central jail. Weather that ambition is achieved or not, if yes how and if not how not is the story. The movie name was Paruthiveeran.

Paruthiveeran, setting new trend in Tamil Film Industry

Paruthiveeran debuted actor Karthik who is the son of legendary actor Sivakumar who did quality role in movies. Karthik truly outperformed his dad and almost any other actor ever known. The movie had excellent story and it was excellent in all facets. It was the trend setter in movies and after that the industry gained confident that you don’t need to invest a lot to produce a quality movie. Many movies that followed it used the same trend, had excellent and believable story, low budget and good screen play and direction. Most of them were successful.

What struck me most was potential of Karthik who could become a rising star in industry. But after seeing Sakuni all my hopes were shattered. There is nothing in this movie. This movie is exactly like Siruthai. Atleast in Siruthai you had Thamana who would dance then and there cooling your tension, in Sakuni not that too 😦 .

Thamana – Shows more skin than act.

I am quiet sure that the Stupid Siruthai team was in Sakuni too. Some parts that had Santhanam’s dialogs did OK, but the rest of the movie was quiet crap. Too much unimaginable crap.

Its not good to watch a good actor being wasted in one movie after another. Karthk’s acting did good even in this movie too, that too where he asks his athai not to speak or think ill of him (the scene in airport terminal). Good acting but in a really really bad movie (like Brain Lara in fit for nothing West Indian team). Bad screenplay, bad editing, and heck…. What to say.

A guy like me watching on laptop skipping songs and stupid scenes got fed up, I really pity those who watch this movie on theater. They pay so much and would come out with nothing. If you are a aspiring politician, you must see this movie, and, and if you don’t commit suicide, you are a great human.

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