Using roads as data highways

01 Jul

Imagine the bandwidth you get by putting transceiver on the cars?

This thought occurs to me when ever I am stuck in traffic, there are so many vehicles standing inch to inch, I began to wonder if these vehicles were fitted with a transceiver, couldn’t they perform as a data highway?

Lets say that its a peak traffic time and I want to transfer a huge file from my home to my office, I do know that the traffic would be a lot and if almost all the cars have a transceivers on them and a protocol to efficiently route packets of data, I would then have a high sped file transfer. This would also make video chats like a breeze if two people are inside a city with heavy traffic.

OK, how this has got to be done? Its quiet simple, all nodes in this network must have a GPS, every transmitter transmits with its GPS coordinates along with the receivers coordinates. There will be N number of nodes between the transmitter and receiver and some would receive them. If the node between that receives the data packet is near the receiver tan the transmitter, then it will absorb the message and retransmit it with its coordinates as origin.Plus if the transceivers / nodes is aware of the city’s maps, then the routing can be so much more efficient. If the message needs to go from point A to point B, then only the cars on the road(s) that connect point A and B would transcive them!

If such a model is developed, it would not only improve point to point communication in city, it could also reduce the cost of cellular companies that provide data service (or could eliminate cellular companies if this is citizen powered like free software), plus if the velocity or probable position at a given time can be encoded in messages / data packets, then we would get a highly efficient routing algorithm where flooding of data can be reduced to a drastic extent.

Rather than a big corporate company using roads as data highways, why can’t the citizens develop a free hardware and software which when plugged into a car will act as transceivers giving them a free communication device?

We have put health, knowledge / education, computers and even food and water into the hands of corporates, why not free up our communication first?


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