Desperate USA bullies India

18 Jul

Its funny what America is doing to India. First they tried to hike the price of cancer drugs in India, to which India stubbornly refused. Angered by that Obama made an ass of himself saying that India must allow retail FDI. That statement is bull shit as India is a sovereign nation and  its our politicians (not the people’s) right to determine what gets FDI or not. Next USA shot an Indian fisherman in international waters and claimed that he was a terrorist and then claimed its a mistake.

What next? What next? I think next will be to target Narendramodi so that India will loose a leader who cares for his country, and who has the courage to stand up to America and reject is huge bribes it offers to our politicians.

USA must realize the fact that its like a Roman empire in decline. Difficult things will happen, but just venting anger won’t stop its decline. India’s progress cannot be halted, yes we are ruled by corrupt powers, we are led by a Italian which is a kind of shame. The Congress, DMK, and Trinamool are extremely corrupt and nothing can be done about it. But we Indian’s have got a way to come up. Despite crippling bribes we have improved and we will.

USA knows about that. It wants India to lick its feet so that it can irk China and bully it via India. Its quiet disheartening what the west had done and is doing to us. A son of bitch called Winston Churchill divided this nation into Pakistan and  India just to rule over us and delay independence, he succeeded and thousands on both sides of border die because of him. Yet we Indians still bow shamelessly to the English Queen when she visits us. In a same way USA is trying to drive a wedge between us and China. If we don’t bow, they bully us.

I urge all Indians who would vote for next general election to choose a candidate who stands for our national dignity than one who sell it off to the west in the name of internationalism.

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Posted by on July 18, 2012 in Politics


One response to “Desperate USA bullies India

  1. varunbindra

    July 18, 2012 at 7:09 PM

    nice blog post… its interesting also how the US tried to bully much of the international community to impose oil sanctions on iran or else face harsh sanctions from the US. The US must realize that till date its antagonistic foreign policy has worked because it was a superpower. As the USA’s global influence reduces it will only build up enemies due to its diplomatic bullying.


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