26 Jul

Okay, lets see whats happiness. Take this universe, there are many many events that happen in it

Your life occupies a minuscule part in it. In your life some events occur

But you have a brain, that expects some things to happen. Some of your expectation can happen in your life and others don’t

The events you expect that happen in your life is and that happens is happiness.

Of course you don’t stay constant, you desire some things to happen, these desire pull your expectation, wild and into infinity. Soon, sooner than you know your desire will pull your expectations so much away from what could happen in your life, you will see that your happiness reduces.

There is a uncontrollability in this universe. Its the chaos. I could be dead before I could finish this blog, or you could be dead before you finish reading it. Or you might be reading this blog and get a lottery prize of 10 million dollars and you would want to share it with me (why share with me? Because you are just another stupid!!). Thats called chaos, unknown, uncontrollability. Its because of its existence we have temples, gods and demons and Satan’s. This chaos can either favor us or put us down, in other words the chaos pushes or pulls you life towards or away from your expectations, thus it either increases or decreases our happiness.

We have a brain that always wants to be happy, so we fight chaos and want to satisfy our desire, so we work and use our intelligence to push or match our life to our expectations. Hence our work and intelligence on a large part brings us happiness.

And finally there is a thing called Enlightenment (Enlightment as in pic), which is a complex thing. It could be knowledge, your ability to adapt to life. Buddhists and other religious monks strive to achieve it. By getting enlightened, you make your expectations go along with your life.

For example Gandhi was enlightened to face the problems that British Empire would throw to him on his path to achieve equality in South Africa and to achieve independence in India. He was inspired by story of Jesus and Raja Harichand and believed in them. In a similar fashion, Nelson Mandela was inspired by the excellent poem Invictus. These helped them to get enlightened. Enlightment pushes you to accept events that happen in your life. It merges your expectation with life thus tremendously increases your happiness.

So? Thats it, I have shown all the parameters that affect happiness. Know what you have high and what you have low. You can controlled any thing except chaos which can be neutralized a bit using your work and intelligence.

Stay happy in life đŸ˜‰

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Posted by on July 26, 2012 in Philosophy


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