Is Prakash Karat funded by China?

07 Aug
Prakash Karat

Prakash Karat

It just came as a shock to me today. All welcomed India’s plan to send a satellite to Mars, except that Prakash karat, a stupid and over zealous communist leader. Traditionally communists are nationalist and want to see their nation going higher and higher. In his debate, Karat says ‘why a nation that has hunger and poverty need to spend on a mars mission?’. Well excellent question. Instead of spending 700 Crores on mars we could feed the poor.

Well than there are poor people,  and they are hungry, they why Mr.Karat who is so so concerned about them go hungry once a week and give that food to a hungry man? Why he uses car, helicopter in nation where people are affected by bus ticket price hike? Well, he needs to answer these questions.

Yes India has cancer called poverty, corruption, non functional democracy and many other things. But this does not mean that we must stop getting better and better. A man having cancer, and who wants to climb everest must be encouraged than to discourage him with his short comings.

Even being so so so corrupt, we are able to send a satellite to Mars which is a achievement we must all be proud. And some argue, nations like USA are doing cutting edge research on Mars, in what way India’s mission will contribute to new knowledge? Well, it will not. Imagine a kid learning A B C…. Will you encourage him to learn more or say that Shakes-sphere has already written great works, Newton has already made unimaginable discoveries and hence its unnecessary for the kid to learn. Karat and his axis must answer this.

When India launched its Chandrayan, all nation welcomed it except China that was furious. China has close ties with Indian communist leaders and I think its pulling the puppet Karts strings. All I want to tell karat is this, when China betrays you one day, we Indians will welcome you with both hands. Then he will know whats better. A power obsessed moral less China, or India the free democracy.

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Posted by on August 7, 2012 in Politics, Technology


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