I Love Ruby popularity will be answered

19 Aug
I Love Ruby Popularity

On its facebook page I Love ruby reaches 614 people a week

Today I was going through facebook page of I Love ruby, I saw some one from Jamaica had like the group, my heart jumped with joy. If my book, that too a toy book is reaching so much, I am thrilled.

I am happy that I am able to help many who want to code using free software. Currently facebook says there are about 164 people who like this group. Most of them from USA (131 likes) and next followed by India (124). I am also thrilled that some people from Pakistan likes it. Politics and religion might have divided India and Pak,but I am sure that freedom and free software will unite us both. Though I hate religion, to those in Pak,happy Eid / Ramzaan. I am a person who loves Briyani to awesome amount. If you feel that my book has really benefited you, invite me to your hope and serve me lots and lots of briyani.

I will try to answer I Love Ruby’s popularity. but do remember its a toy book. To know more about Ruby, go to the Internet, see documentation, post in Ruby forums, try getting professional books like Pickaxe and Well Grounded Rubyists and Ruby (Beginners guide) from Apress.

I will keep adjusting the content of this book incrementally. There are some outdated stuff, like my ow details and about its first proof reader Kannan Doss, I will update it. Apart from that I have spotted few mistakes. I will correct it. I will also take steps to release its sources (open document files) to the world, so that any one can ilr_popularitymodify, come up with his own content and blah blah. But please remember I am really lazy.

I promised to a reader last year that I would write Regexp and its only now I have half written it. So please excuse if I am slow. Then what else? Happy Rubying!!

Oh ya, the book for the rest of the year will be available in this url : , all corrections will be also reflect in the same URL. So enjoy.

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