Tata (Nano) Motors Service Sucks

29 Aug

Ratan Tata proudly introduces TATA Nano to the world, but he does not share his service centre details to the media.

Last Wednesday 22nd August on about 11:40 AM I got a call from Tata Motors service centre. They wanted my vehicle TN 22 BS 3801 to be serviced. The call was from TAFE reach which officially services Tata Motors vehicles. I asked when I can service it, and they said even tomorrow 23rd August the service was possible. They told me to bring the vehicle and I took it on 23rd to Tafe reach.

Usually I should be taking my vehicle to OMR check point in Perungudy, but OMR check point is 100% fraud. When ever I leave my vehicle there, my petrol tank almost gets drained completely. Many of the complaints that I have given there namely my rear wind shield vibrating on rough roads, right indicator sparking haven’t been rectified even after two services. One service which required my front left door rubber beading to be changed wasn’t done too. There was a rubber beading in the rear wind-shield that ripped off, they never did it and I had to manually fix it with Fevikwick. So this time I thought of taking it to Tafe Reach in Greams road and so I did.

I reached there early since the voice on phone said there there was an engine upgrade (I think S19 and S20 , something technical they said) and it would take only 4 hours. So I thought I would finish it soon. I also wanted the repairs that OMR Checkpoint had not done to be done, to which the manager stubbornly refused. OK, fair enough I thought and decided to wait just for the engine upgrade, but they told that it would take evening 7:30 PM for the vehicle to get repaired.

I thought of their work load, though I badly needed my car I trusted the repairman Mohan Raj and he told me to give a call at 3:30 and pick up the vehicle. I left, the day was extremely hot, I reached home in Sithalapakkam, and it was already 2 PM and I ate and I had to call soon. When I called at 3:30 PM a shock awaited me. The engineer-cool said that they had no parts and they will upgraded it only tomorrow. If they had said it in the morning, I could have got the vehicle back home, gone to my office, not got a leave. My time was tight.

I wonder how idiotic Tata motors is, they don’t have the parts, yet they call me tell me to bring my vehicle, make me admit it and say that they don’t have the part at the end of the day. I have to travel all the way back to Greams road (Chennai), get back my vehicle.

Idiots, idiots idiots, what can I say. Will the fucking Ratan Tata or Sirus Mistry will give my time and money back? None of Tata Motors service centres in Chennai works in the right way. One of my known mechanic entered Concord Motors service centre and he said that he saw a service man who need to fix a Indica’s defective part, he had not done it and at the customer was yelling at the last minute. He ripped that part fro the neighbouring vehicle, put it into that car and sent it.

My mechanic friend who is a old guy, lives by repairing cars. He was utterly shocked to see this as he regards cars as God’s and to till day could not believe what he saw.

It would be nice if Tata motors releases nano spares in open market, in that way I need not depend on over pricey and fraud service centres of theirs.

Recently I got a call from Tata Motors feedback centre (I think yesterday). The number is +914066224800, I told all that happened to me, but the girl in there said that technically since my vehicle wasn’t serviced, she can’t take in my complaint. WHAT? FRAUDS. I put down my phone in utter vein and despair.


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2 responses to “Tata (Nano) Motors Service Sucks

  1. Karthikeyan A K

    September 7, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    Tata Motors serviced my vehicle yesterday, they sent a driver to pick up the vehicle and dop it back in my home. I am thankful. Yet they have not given back the lost money and time.


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