Hindi nation honors Slayers of Tamils

04 Sep

Tamil being executed in Srilanka

Its right what Jaya does, she has come down heavily on Srilankans taking Training in Tamilnadu for defence and football in India. India for long is acting like a Hindi nation. It has mascaraed Sikhs, now watches as Assames are been humiliated. Indira Gandhi made Hindi as national language without consultation with the non Hindi speaking states.

Lots and lots of Tamils, youth then died in Tamilnadu fighting Hindi dominance of the country, their graves are now unmarked and forgotten. Then the Srilankan issue arose. India then under Indira helped Srilankan Tamils to get their own home land. When Rajiv came to power things changed, he switched sides. He sent IPKF, who in a rage, unable to defeat LTTE, started to rape Tamil girls, the public turned against them and they badly lost.

Prabakaran then killed Rajiv, which I think he deserved. We respect him (Rajiv) for his visions, but hate him for Bofors, Bhopal and Tamil ill-treatment. When Sonia came to power, due to vengeance or something she slayed Prabakar thus putting an end to free Tamil nation. We watched it, we watched everything. Karuna, behaved irresponsibly, running here and there for his girls released from 2G scam rather than caring for Tamils being slayed in Lanka.

Now India is behaving like a Hindi bully, treating Lankans as guest in a nation where Tamils are a part of it. Does a Hindi nation need Tamils? If they need us how should they behave? Its for them to think.

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Posted by on September 4, 2012 in Politics, Tamil


One response to “Hindi nation honors Slayers of Tamils

  1. arumbhu

    October 3, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    It khas always been like this.North bulldozing the south sensibilities in the name of unified nation and common culture etc.Churchill once said,”Indians can’t rule”.How true it is?!!
    We are struggling with the burden of religious bigots of North who target every other ethnic groups of this country.Slowly the disintegration of this artificial set up is going to happen like the USSR.There is nothing wrong in it if people choose to do so.Ultimately people are the masters. Tamils get the worst treatment in the Centre.Colour and race rules strong in the Northerners’ Psyche.


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