Suprise move by Manmohan

15 Sep

Bringing Reforms into Retail

Watching news yesterday surprised me 100%. I was supporter of Manmohan government, I believed him and thought that he is only bound by Sikh values. But now I strongly believe that he is Sonia’s another slave, almost nodding head to what ever she says and having a ultimate goal of making Rahul gandhi the prime-minister and leader of congress party. Why do we need a Manmohan who nods, instead we can have a dog as a prime-minister which will wag tail to 10 Janpat’s bone.

This worship Gandhi family policy and due to the pressure of coalition has led to an in effective government and stagnation of growth and reforms. When I switched on the T.V yesterday, I found that Manmohans govt had gone ahead with Airlines and Retail market reforms, they are allowing huge FDI’s in it. So how will it help?

India is a cash stripped nation. When the I.T revolution cam about we thought we had a super-duper boom. Most I.T work is done in English and almost all Indians want to learn english. All Indians prefer white collar job in an office rather than a job  that involves physical labour. Many kids from almost every background study engineering which is needed for the info tech industry. So India had the stuff. But the fundamentals are weak.

Politicians got involved in I.T businesses, demanding bribes and other stuff. Infrastructure was and is weak. The man power, that is the engineers who even graduate out of premium colleges like IIT and Anna University are utter waste. In my personal experience I have seen that these people rather than interested in technology, equipped them with these skills just to earn money and have good social status. Even with all these things and office politics, I.T did good. But when the U.S economy slumped, it slumped too. How can a hotel reap huge profits when its clients aren’t hungry.

Any way the revenue got by I.T and other manufacturing exports have slumped and its nice that Manmohan has opened the gates in Airlines and Retail sector. Its a good move. Still most Indians travel via trains that are slow, aircraft’s at affordable rates will be a boon. Almost no small shops produces a bill when we by grocery, those that produce like walmart will need to pay more taxes tp government. If walmart pay Rs 100/- as tax, after corruption and other looting we might have Re 1/- for public spending. At least something is better than nothing.

I strongly welcome Manmohans move, but this should not eclipse the 2G, Colgate, Adarsh, Bofors, Bhopal and other scams this congress party did. They must be punished.

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Posted by on September 15, 2012 in Politics


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