Shocking copy by Tamil music directors

02 Oct

Just yesterday my friend Prem Chander was talking about a music director named Vijay Antony and how he shamelessly copies track from western music and says that its his own idea. Today I was in my room and I heard this famous song from Mayabazar (a Tamil movie). I rushed down to see it because this song would be funny. Just listen to this song. This movie came about in the late 1950’s


Now when I reached down stairs I to my horror found that the song that was running was not Mayabar but one called ‘The Laughing Policeman‘.


I was shocked! Can’t believe that the music directors then copied song. This song is celebrated one in Tamilnadu and its music directors would have been credited. Why on earth they fail to admit that their tunes are copied. Tamil music industry kinda sucks.

All we listeners want is truth. if you stand on the shoulders of giants, credit them. Don’t project yourself as one! So so so so so cheap.

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Posted by on October 2, 2012 in Movie, Tamil


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