I Love Ruby 2013 Plans

15 Oct
I Love Ruby 2012 cover

This cover might be retained for 2013 edition

OK, to those who have read I Love Ruby 2012 thanks. I am planning what should be there for 2013 edition. As a note of caution I must say that 2013 may never be released due to my laziness, or by some miracle I will be working in Webtoday ( I mean real work, no youtube and facebook ).

So, what new stuff may appear

  1. I will be writing about rdoc, how to read ruby documentation and generating it. Its very important to know about documentation for beginners
  2. Gems, how to use them and create them will be said (actually written).
  3. The licence could be changed from GFDL to Kopimi as this stupid Indian Linux User Group slammed me saying that I don’t have the right to put image of girls on this book without proper copy rights.
  4. The aim of book will still be the same. It will encourage one to take a boat out into the sea, thats it. It won’t teach him / her how to fish or dive beneath. Just tells one to take a boat out to sea.

And that’s it. If you want any other stuff just add a comment here.


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