Non pedestrian Chennai

17 Oct
Bike traffic pouring into pedestrain lane

Bike traffic pouring into pedestrian lane

Had to walk out of office to get food today, and I wasn’t on a good mood. A client was bugging us, too much, he never understood what Rails was and our management never understands it either 😦 Starting from Rails we are now doing a DB project.

OK tech is tech forget about that. I was walking out with my friend  to the mess where we used to eat and I couldn’t discuss a single line of code with him. The traffic was so heavy that the bikes were poring into pedestrian walks and police looked power less.

The city needs some thing to think. I wonder what would senior citizens do? What the government is doing with crores and crores it allocates for city revamp budget. Why isn’t most signals working when I drive to office in Guindy and back? Why are automotive drivers not respecting signals? How many cops are to on the roads, for the service of citizens and how many go to protect Jayalalitha and her supporters?

If we have technology to track trains and even buses why can’t a citizen have the ability to know which police are where (provided secret stuff is not broken)? We have tech today (cameras and enough computing power) to identify objects, read number plates, face recognition and blah blah, why can’t we build a city wide network to find out who offends traffic rules and fine them. Thus fined money will pay back for the system.

Saidai Duraisamy’s, the Chennai’s Mayor, ensures his wife has still has a golden thaali (a wedding necklace) hanging around her neck. If he can ensure gold around her neck why can’t he ensure that the citizens of Chennai who still believe in his promised words will not face problems?

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