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21 Oct

So its Sunday today, 21 October 2012, and my boss called. I though that he would ask how the project goes, to dismay he told me that we have a meeting at 5pm at his residence today. What?

Recently ( in my clock during 3rd century B.C ) we roped our first commercial project in Webtoday, that was in June and from then on we written not a single line of code! The laughable thing is we call our self an agile company and use a Agile web development framework called Ruby on Rails. Frankly I don’t know how many Rails companies has these issue? I also heard that companies lke TCS ( Tata consultancy service ) use Rails !? What? How could a Indian software giant that takes 3 years just to negotiate a project ( which is  nothing but to make a cardboard box ) choose an agile framework? The MBA’s in the company will be horrified if one is able to finish projects in time. If the project does go smoothly theyll introduce some stupid management stuff to make programmers life a hell.

And hell has become my coding life in Webtoday. The bosses son works under me, I pity for him, he once asked me “won’t this first project be difficult?”, I laughed and said “common we use rails, it would be a piece of cake”. Fucking god, fuck fuck God, he heard that and said “if I cannot make Rails difficult, let me make the client and management people stupid”, and he did it as he said 😦

The project in reality is very small one, we should have finished it in 4 months, client should have been happy, we should have been by now fixed tens of bugs, improved app performance, possibly thought about a mobile version of it and blah blah, but we are stuck in meetings. These meetings are making my boss give me some stupid work, believe it or not i was typing in spread sheet and word all these days, right from June and all these work will nearly become rubbish in short future as I just now deleted kilobytes of meeting data from my hard drive that were obsolete.

I wonder people why flock to agile technologies if they cannot be agile in management? This ultra low budget French project is making me crazy. Looks like client heard this term Ruby on Rails, that would have become a buzz word, just like many people get seduced by apple’s (computer) look only to find out that compared to Linux its far far outdated, he must have commanded us to do Rails project and must be thinking that it does not suit his management style.

The client came charging down yelling  “BRAVO RAILS” and when the project started it became crap, I knew it was crap when he told us to think about databases. (What? Yup, we designed a database for a Rails project and I am still alive to tell it). Its like telling a Java programmer to think about which tansistor in a processor gets switched on or off for a piece of code. I went nuts. We had to seek help of external DB expert as I couldn’t talk to client. Who can prove to Pope that stupids believe in God? Thankfully the DB expert rescued me.

But still I am quiet skeptical of the style that our first commercial client and Webtoday management has. I really doubt having meetings than coding will get us to the finish, as most of the stuff at meeting, more than 80% of it never ever stays in my mind. Possibly we mut hire a meeting expert 🙂 ( thats another MBA )

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