Right energy policy by Tamilnadu

22 Oct


I was indeed quiet surprised by the move by Tamilnadu government to promote solar energy in the state and to push solar electricity output to 3 Giga Watt. Right now Tamilnadu has almost no solar energy installations except for one or two of them here and there by private enthusiasts.

I was quiet amused when I read in paper how this scheme will be implemented. Industries and  education institutes will be forced to set up solar plants atop their roofs. Excellent, excellent excellent. Finally looks like Tamilnadu is learning something from Narendra Modi’s Gujrat. That good.

A woman who till now behaved like a drunken mad, Ms. Jaya, seems to have got sober a bit and is doing the right thing, but who really knows what the looting and hidden agenda are?

We Indians must have a strong solar energy policy simply because our land gets rich sunlight, a free energy which is left almost untapped. If we tap in it the right way, it might not solve all our energy needs, but will surely help us cut down on fossils and emissions.

Tamilnadu manufactures lot of electricity, but since we are now a part of Indian union we must share it with our neighboring states. We in Tamilnadu are civilized people, we don’t want to behave like a uncivilized state by not giving electricity to those the very same states might not give us water despite an supreme court order. So we need to manufacture energy for us plus for our neighbors. So I hail this policy.

Any way, Jaya hasn’t done much, and i have never felt to appreciate her. In this new solar energy policy, bravo to her!

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Posted by on October 22, 2012 in Politics, Tamil


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