Karthi Chidambaram Terrorizes Internet users in India

01 Nov
Karthi Chidambaram, The Hitler of India

Karthi Chidambaram, The Hitler of India

Mr. P.Chidambaram is the Indian finance minister. There are countless allegations against him of amassing wealth and looting the nation in a scientific manner, not one of them has been proved. OK. Agreed he is a good guy. But he winning his election for member of parliament is under question b many though that’s not yet been proven. Actually when the ballots were counted, Mr. Chidambarama was declared lost, yet miraculously tat very afternoon he was declared a winner, none knows how and why. The person who stood against him in the election was later killed in  a accident in a mysterious way (that’s what I heard).

Mr. Chidambaram is a friend of veteran politician Karunadhi who is known as scientific looter in India. All knows he (Karuna) loots and amasses wealth, yet it would would be done in such a way and laws will be twisted in a manner that though there are allegations against them, nothing can be proven. They are like the Gods of India, what they think and do is right, none can question them or act against them, if they do they will be put down mercilessly without hesitation.

Every generation does mistakes, its for the next to realize it and correct it. For example Sonia Gandhi acknowledged that emergency declared by her mother in law and then Prime-minister Indira Gandhi was a sin. (Though she never seems to acknowledge that Indira Gandhi and her (Sonia’s) husband Rajiv Gandhi were corrupt). But we see now in India sons of politicians who will become politicians now and tomorrow becoming more dictator like people.

Karthi Chidambaram the Hitler of India

In recent development a business man from Puducherry known as Ravi, @ravi_the_indian seems to have tweeted stuff about Karthi Chidambaram (son of P. Chidambaram) that he has amassed wealth illegally. In fact the tweet message were not his own idea, every one in Tamilnadu knows about Chidambaram family and papers widely report rumours of corruption done by their family and raping of mother India. We all know it happens every day and it cannot be proven quiet easily.

But then suddenly Mr. Ravi was woken while on sleep by police who entered his house, roughed up, summoned to court and sentenced to 3 years of prison under old dictator laws of India that restricts freedom and free speech. So what will  happen from now on? Possibly Mr. Ravi will be mentally tortured in prison for 3 years and ill be released as broken man or he will be pushed to the brink of killing himself. Lets pray that he has a strong mind. Many bloggers and possibly  me will be arrested for supporting him and we too will be tortured which we consider a necessary act for the sake of achieving true freedom in this country and on this planet.

I urge the reader to talk to others about the growing Hitler of India Karthi Chidambaram, spread a word about him, how he is spreading terror on people who will talk against him, how he squashes free speech and democracy. Monitor his activity, report it on the internet or any where free speech still lives and give a voice for Mr. Ravi of Puducherry to get released soon. Try following his twitter handle @ravi_the_indian and show support for him. Please help stop raping of our nation by politicians. Please do.


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