How Tamil parents spoil their kids future

06 Nov

Crying Girl


Its Anna University, Guindy Campus, last Friday or Saturday I am not sure. A girl was caught while taking an exam, she was copying, her hands were scanned, terrified she began to cry. She is known as a law abiding girl in her family and she does not want her home to know of it.  In fact she does not even want to become an engineer. But she at the same time does not want to disappoint her family by not getting Bachelor of Engineering degree. All she wanted to do was to learn Japanese and become a translator.

Had this girl managed to learn Japanese right after her 12th grade rather than peruse engineering, she would have been smiling by now, possibly earning. But the pressure from her family ensured that she would get into engineering, fail in many exams and still work on arrears even after many of her friends had got graduation. And now she has been been humiliated for copying.

I really wonder why? Many families and parents do swear that they love their kids, yet they fail to listen to them.  Its amazing why they want their kids to do what they wish to do, they simply don’t realize that their kids have brains and desires, and will of their own. If you want one to live exactly as you want, then what’s the point of that person living? You could very well kill that one and occupy his / her place 🙂

The effect is more profound in south Tamilnadu, I have heard that kids over there are not even allowed to sit before their dad because its a sign of disrespect. WHAT? I have seen many shattered life’s and surely don’t know what to do about it. Possibly teens and kids should have a help line like Australia, and Europe to help mental and physical abuse by their parents.

Quiet Shocking.


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