Need for elimination of Management

20 Nov

Well, another bad day at office. We, I think are not 100% transparent with client, not respecting employees right not to work on holidays and are sucking clients ass in a hope that w’ll get money. The heck.

The problem is the management, and management techniques. Every where I step foot on, if there is a management, there is trouble, this has made me to confirm MBA’s are brain dead. They never know where to and where not to interferer and not know what to do.

When something is managed and become great they claim the success of management, when something succeeds without any management like the GNU/Linux operating system they ignore it and only see Windows and MacOS.

They crave for money and customer relationship and good name in those circles which would work for long term and will appear quiet heartless to employees and think laws of physics can be bent for them. They will forget science is truth and ridicule engineers, twist words in such a way that we have no room to manoeuvre.

I think we as engineers must realize a fact, we engineers can manage stuff but managers can’t engineer and research thing. Well if they could have, they would have. Money can be one day eliminated, but never can science be eliminated.

Life here sucks at webtoday, and I have made alternatives to it. So lets see… It does not mean that I will quit webtoday, but will form a parallel organization where free culture exists. Time for Mind as Lab to rise like a phoenix again, but this time it won’t be content with certain few goals. It will be a company managed by engineers.


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Posted by on November 20, 2012 in Personal


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