Manjal @ Sithalapakkam sells outdated products

01 Dec

I jut don’t visit these stores and super markets, but people in my family do it often to buy daily needs.  In my locality Sithalapakkam there is a super market called Manjal. Right now its the only super market here, its located near the KVB bank, it was created by some stupid resident in Skylab avenue, possibly by a family that claims respect in the neighborhood but does not act so to deserve it.

Recently people from my house visited it and found that milk products like milk and curd were stocked up in their fridges / shelfs way past their expiry date. When asked, like the classy Indian way the store girls were mum and the same thing was repeated by the owner when questioned. There are two ways to earn money, either in any way it could be earned or in a moral way. Looks like the fucking NRI family seems to be the first kind and hence deserves little or no respect. They survive because there are many in Sithalapakkam who do not check these dates on products. Oh dear!

So if you are in Sithalapakkam, and shop at Manjal, better stop it or be very careful and spread word to others to look out for outdated products. Wonder who the fuck asks these NRI’s to come back? We are 1.2 billion and lot of talent is here.

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