Keep them working logic sucks

09 Dec

My boss was talking to me at Webtoday ( a day or two ago ), while we chatted about our employees he said some thing that irritated me. He instructed me to keep my friends busy by assigning some work even if there is no real work to do.

That sucks, really really sucks. Its a sadist point of view, ill treatment of employees and I don’t like it. Its like calling a taxi when you have no plans to travel, like eating food when you are not hungry, earning money for yourself when you already have enough for a lifetime.

This stupid attitude I have seen in man places. Notably in HCL where I worked as a embedded systems engineer. They gave me work that had no relevance. Next I see such attitude in Webtoday. Yup my boss led multinationals before, so he had learned such inefficient tricks. Well I on my behalf, I am teaching my friends in Webtoday how to appear busy but to be calm and enjoy a movie, deceive people ho don’t have knowledge to code and even to deceive people who know to code and blah blah.

I feel we have business so that we can earn and enjoy life, I don’t think its meant for sacrificing our enjoyment and running behind money, getting it (the money) and feeling / realizing that your life ha become a huge void. I strongly feel my friend at work place must try to enjoy their life fullest in office. They must code if they like to code or else quit. They should be shielded from stupid desires of clients and management rather than making them bear the brunt of it.

Life is once and every life is precious, I don’t think one has the right to sacrifice others life just because he or she believes in “Keep them busy” or “Satisfy the share holders” motto or some stupid thing these MBA’s invent because they have nothing creative to do.

So if you are a boss who has old industrial era / slave age values embedded into you, try to over come out of it, try to win over yourself. Its difficult, but not impossible. A good employee will always serve you well if you trust him and try to do what’s good for him.

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