Has India got anything other than rape?

25 Dec

Black cats and police to protect political class. None left to protect the public.

What eve news channel I see or what ever news paper or magazine I read, there is this story of rape of this medical student and rape of other people like a rape of 5 year old girl in Tamilnadu. Its sickening. why can’t people look at solution and media houses look at providing news rather than sensationalism?

The bottom line is this. Sex is a very basic force that shapes and possibly will forever shape the destiny of animal kingdom. We are designed to yearn for sex, if thats deprived people will seeks means to have it. We have to make the availability of sex abundant on this land. Make sex / brothel biz legal. Let men and women have a place(s) to get themselves satisfied if they are not satisfied. Not all an have good mind control, 90% or even more of human race has almost no mind control and will always behave like bastards and bitches, for them we do need brothels.

Next the VIP security issue. Yes many politicians, their families, have huge amount of security, the fact is even if they are killed nothing bad will happen to this land, but they (the politicians) are disillusioned and think they are Gods. But they are not stupids, no matter how much protests we do, the political class won’t give up. They will watch us all die rather than give up their luxurious life. The only thing that will upset them is full scale revolution which will simply won’t happen. None ha got the guts to do it, even if some one does it, the politicians and their supporting business men will find a way to crack down on it. There won’t be any permanent increase in common man’s security. I am quiet sure about it.

So what to do? Well as I said in second paragraph, do work to make sex legal. Lets make girls (and boys for girls) a non precious resource, a resource as abundant as water in oceans so that no one will crave for. Lets go along with evolutionary instincts if we don’t have the mind control to subdue it.

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