Sloppy road works in Sithalapakkam

02 Jan

Well Sithalapakkam  has real bad roads,  the road width in many places is reduced by whoppy 60% . Now the panchayat has done some road work and is real sloppy. Where there are pits should be filled with tarred gravel and must be pressed, but pot holes and pits in roads are filled with mixture of gravel and gravel dust. That sucks 100%.

Just a weeks after road was laid the pits are once again there, just imagine filling up a pothole with dust and stones, that too pot holes in a road which sees peek traffic of lorries and thousands of other vehicles in a day. No wonder, no wonder, no wonder. Replacing J.Rajendran, Mr. Arul the current leader of Sithalapakkam is no good, not even one dime more good than J.R.

Wonder when there will be a good and honest politician ruling Sithalapakkam. Possibly the answer is never.


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Posted by on January 2, 2013 in Politics


One response to “Sloppy road works in Sithalapakkam

  1. Dianne_thisisme63

    January 3, 2013 at 1:29 AM

    I would venture to say that so long as a politician “rules”, rather than “serving” a term, then the answer would be never.


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