Be Honest Than SEO

20 Jan

M.K.Gandhi, a man who threw British out of India with his Honesty.

It has irked some business, what I have posted in my blogs about them. The reason being that Google has always ranked my blog quiet high in its searches, often putting my blog site in its first page of results in certain search terms.

Some businesses have contacted me, like ICICI (who talk but do nothing to remedy their mistakes), Tata Motors (who take their customer experience seriously but have failed to build a good servicing support), and business like Zebros India (which is just a junk). Some businesses like IFFCO-TOKIO have bugged my friends and pressurised them to fore me to remove my blog about them. So why do I irk them so much? Why my blogs rank high?

Well, I do no SEO (Search Engine Optimization), however WordPress the blogging platform I use is very mature one and is built so that search engines can search through it easily. All I do is to be honest in my blogs. That’s it. There is and possibly there could be no other secret.

Many people ave contacted me for SEO, and I have turned them away, the reason being the fact that people and others around you should speak about you rather than a machine that can be tricked in some way. Well if you are a Socrates among Athenians, I don’t know what to tell you. Possibly you may perish, with a slim chance of people remembering you (not all get disciples like Aristotle and blah blah).

Well, one might ask ‘Won’t dishonest businesses which do SEO gain over mine?’. Yes, it will, but dishonest things are quiet tough to hold in this information age (just see the victory of science over religion). The cost to hold up  a lie for long is quiet high, that too when you have a honest rival.

If you are honest, yes you will get positive feedback (like most comments in my blog), search engine are smarter and will recognize it and will elevate your rankings up. You get a kind of free marketing being honest. Think about that 😉


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2 responses to “Be Honest Than SEO

  1. tilakpranesh

    February 15, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    Well said..wordpress would do most of the job for you..if you have the right content. Even Matt Cutts said about this in a video..just wondering why can’t Google make blogger that way.

    • Karthikeyan A K

      February 15, 2013 at 9:40 AM

      Google keeps its services so that it can know what you do, what you ant and can target you with advertisements.

      WordPresses first motive is to create a free blogging platform than go for money.


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