Infosys Forces Employees to Wear a Tie

23 Jan

Infosys is a Indian software major. It wants to be seen by the west as a great company and where free culture prevails. It wants Banking, Finance, Service and Insurance sector to look at in awe as those are it primary targets who tell it to write complex pieces of software. It was a dream of computer engineers to work  at Infosys, but not any more. Its working conditions have deteriorated a lot as for the info I got from my friends.

Recently I heard a shocking story where one of my friends employed in Infosys Banglore over the pone told me that the company is forcing him to wear uniform like a school kid. I did not believe it as that a stupidest thing to do to a software engineers and technicians. Why on earth should they wear a tie in in relatively hot Indian city? It won’t be so so cold in Banglore! I simply did not believe it.

But recently another friend of mine has confirmed it. Yes Infosys treats its employees like school children, there is a dress code and one must wear a tie. He further added that if you fail to wear tie for work,the watchman is assigned to charge a fine of Rs 500/- from that employee.

Ever remember how we were punished in school for not wearing a uniform properly by an idiotic teacher who did not care about our and our parents miseries? God. God, God, God, fuckin fuckin God. I don’t know how they treat employees in Chennai and other offices outside India, and I can’t believe none has the nerve to protest and tell the management that bug free code does not generate by wearing a disciplined dress, but by doing disciplined coding.

If you are kid out of college and want to join Infosys, better not, change your mind. Join a place where freedom exists. Any way this video is for Infosys employees 🙂 ROFL

If you want a good environment freshers, try joining Zoho. Its perks and culture are really good and they compete with Google. But ya, they (Zoho) have hire lot of bad bad engineers who would drive you nuts.


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