Coding @ 5X speed

21 Feb

It was a sweet news, we heard in last day or two that we the Rails guys in our office are able to develop code 5 times faster than normal. That put a smile on me, as well as a thought… ‘only 5x? why not 7x or 10x?’.

Well how could we achieve such a speed? The answer is simple. We use a well thought out application developer framework called Ruby on Rails, it eases many of the tough task that programmers do,  like interacting with databases and blah blah.

There is also an unfair comparison here. We were compared against people who develop software for iOS and Apple devices. though apple looks slick, its only the hardware that has the look, but Apples software is old, very very old. To make matters worst its coding tools and techniques are a generation apart. In fact if you compare Apple with Ubuntu, in last 3 year history, Ubuntu has revolutionized the desktop while Apple has essentially remained the same! Ubuntu is really fast and hence there is very less lag time while using Ubuntu.

The third is, good investors. Currently I am working for possibly one of the best people I have ever met in my life.  They are not only good professionals but good humans as well.

The fourth reason is I have got in good developers.  These are coders who can think and code without the help of any one. Yes we may interact to make things faster, but like Nelsons generals, each ships knows how to behave when in battle. I am quiet proud to say that I have 2 of the best coding minds in Tamilnadu with me.

The last but not the least, these coders love tech, they come to office not because of pay checks but because of tech and they want to explore it and learn about it. I am quiet happy about the development speed credited to us, but if 5X becomes 10X without any increase in bugs, I would be more happy.


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