Pakistan becomes more Islamic

24 Feb

Stick to Quaran!

Pakistan has become more Islamic. A recent act by the parliament of Pakistan made it illegal to use any SAT-NAV communication, the reason? The muslims holy book of Quran says that Allah (or God) is the only true guiding force which means that its evil for any muslim to seek guidance in artificial or other ways than that dictated by God. Being named Pakistan (the state of the pure) and sticking to its name the parliament has banned SAT-NAV’s in the nation.

Following the  pure Islamic path, the students of Madrasas (Islamic schools) in Pakistan have removed pieces of railway track in their towns causing massive derailment of trains as Allah, not tracks should guide trains. When queried about the death toll that had happened “Its Allah’s true will that’s happening” say they. Oh dear! Yes something good has happened to,  a Train carrying Pakistan trained terrorists to India has crashed too, thus saving lot of innocent life’s across the border.

In another incident a test missile fired by Pakistani scientist went up and came back crashing on their head (killing them) as its guidance system was removed. Pakistan faces blackout as an engineer in its main power station who claims to be a true muslims cut off transmission lines and he said “Allah will guide the electricity without wires to homes that truly need it”.

A young boy was trashed by his father as he guided his kite using a string. “Kids must learn that Allah is the only true guiding force” said the man in honest voice. Very well!

Roads in Pakistan are in chaos as signals are shut down. “Allah will guide cars and its drivers, why use signalling and police to guide them” says Pakistan’s transport minister.

True Islamic barbers union of Pakistan has announced that they will cut hair and shave their clients blind folded. Its not right for our mortal eye to guide our hands and insult Islam they say. Allah will guide our hands scissors and blades and give the customers a perfect cut and shave say they.

When asked the culture minister of Pakistan about the misery that these laws are causing, he said “its duty of true muslim to think of Allah and stick to Quran, no matter how much hard ship we face” says he.

” The Earth goes around the Sun guided by Allah
The winds blow by the wish off Allah,
The rivers flows the path laid by Allah,
Why shouldn’t Pakistan be guided by Allah?
Lets enjoy Islam like eating Rasagulla”
– Al Qudir Osama Khan ( A Pakistani Poet)

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