The Origins of Mind As Lab

01 Mar

There is some confusion about Mind As Lab on the Internet. Some web sites have sprung up with the name Mind As Lab, so its time for me to clarify. What’s Mind As Lab? Well, its a book which I wrote some where between my 5th to 8th standard. My brain was buzzing with ideas like fan could be tuned by fire (never knew gas turbines were invented). Cars that run using battery, perpetual machines, syringe powered ghost maker, a concise  anode and cathode plate for battery and blah blah. One of my best ideas was to use microwaves to communicate between earth and satellites, later to be discovered that some one had done it before me. I think I almost cried when I discovered some one had stolen my idea in past!!

I was desperate to get the tools to make it, to make my inventions come alive, and had no money for it, I did not know what to do, so I wrote a book called Mind As Lab, which meant that all in that book have been tested in my Mind and are working there. It took lot of imagination to test it, I would read science books to check my tests were valid with real world. Once (in college) I discovered that one my semiconductor ideas which I got was totally flawed, but some thing had made me put lot of carbon in that device and surprisingly carbon is in the same group of silicon and germanium which is semiconductor.

Inspired by Edison, pushed down by lack of motivation and lack of resources I wrote the book and named it Mind As Lab, as I had no real lab to test it. That’s the origins of the name Mind As Lab. Though the book is lost now, assembling and testing stuff virtually in my mind has given me unlimited power of imagination and the ability see how things work by observing its behaviour.

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  1. Pari Margu

    March 1, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    Superb story nanbha A.K …


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