Manjal @ Sithalapakkam Makes My Mom Cry

14 Mar

Long long ago I bloged about Manjal store in Sithalapakkam. They were selling outdated product (curd and diary I suppose) and I wrote about it. Since my blogs are getting famous (which I never ever dreamed) and informative (as a reader commented), many people are swarming to read it and word seems to have got on to Manjal about the stuff they do.

My mom who went to Manjal was briefed about the blog. Its owner I suppose said that I used bad word “fuck” in it which has hurt them greatly. My mom got shocked about that “fuck” and for her fuck means fuck and not the fuck in this sense

When I came home today she broke down and cried, she asked me to remove the blog which I firlmy refused. Then she told about the “fuck” and she cried. I couldn’t bear the sight of my mom crying. She is the only soul who I know who truly loves me, weather I love her back or not. It broke me down. Any way what’s life without problems? 😀

The store owner said that there is a shopkeepers association that might one day come and threat me in case I did not remove the fuck word or the blog and possibly arrest could follow. I couldn’t make out what my mom meant, but this is what I got. She also added that the Manjal’s owner was really polite with her.

So here is my polite reply

1. I can’t remove the fuck. If its hurts you, its your interpretation and taking fuck as fuck. Hasn’t any one called you a buffalo when you did not drive properly on road? Did you and your car drivers association speak to his / her mom about the buffalo word? Common man you put the outdated curd in my food! Would you give back any ones life if they had died by eating it? Paid their doctors bills? Did you check did any one bought it and called them to return the defective product? Is it not a sin? I trusted Manjal and was shocked when I knew about this stuff.

2. If you (or your Shoppers association or politicians or blah blah) like to threaten me with a swarm of people before my home, trash me, put me in jail, perhaps torture and kill me, may you do so. Let you do evil and I will do (what I feel is) good as much as I can. But honestly (till this second) I feel you are not that calibre.

3. If you think what I have done is wrong, speak to me, eye to eye rather than waging a psychological warfare with me via my poor mom who has got nothing to do with it. I simply don’t think its right. I appreciate your intelligence to pick up a soft spot, but I can’t appreciate you hiding behind my mom or any person. Did you show my blog to my mom?

4. I am sorry to say, but as long as I feel my side is right I can’t give up. May if God exists give my mom courage to see the suffering that I will go through because of this.

Yes I am young, brash, stupid, but I don’t think what I have done is wrong. In case I get married in future, may you try to hide behind my wife. Any way thanks for speaking in a polite tone to my mom and I wish you could speak to me directly regarding this. And learn that fuck is not fuck in literal sense all the time. Please keep up with the new age of internet.

I now have a gut feeling that they would shut down my blog (they could be very powerful financially / politically / blah blah). I would like to get advice from fellow hackers / bloggers to keep this blog running even if I am in prison or dead or something. May the shoppers association learn a thing or two about the age of internet and free speech. Even if you bring the Taliban (let alone the shop keepers association) to me, (yes I will be shocked to death and my family will be traumatized) I won’t change my blog.

And yes sorry to say that your family deserves no respect. I retract that statement. Yes there could be good people in your family (who don’t want to sell outdated products) and I have just seen a bad side of the coin. But knowing that you people put bad curd / milk / diary in my dish and never apologized to me or any one in Sithalapakkam angered me. But what I have written is written. I don’t want to change it just because you would sue me or something.

Could some one confirm weather that they really server chicken briyani in jail? Is it unlimited buffet type, side dish info or something?

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One response to “Manjal @ Sithalapakkam Makes My Mom Cry

  1. Bhaskar

    April 17, 2013 at 8:20 PM

    Hey dude, i am too surprised to see this and i reside in the same location.
    I too have observed sometimes, they have outdated products of some daily consumables, but i don’t pick it up. Thanks for sharing and bringing some light to open minds.

    Hope the owner (a new entrepreneur) should take it in a way to improve the customer satisfaction rather than looking spying behind your blog.
    The same blog will appreciate and rate Manjal positive, if they keep , How important is customer satisfaction on the quality aspects. I am also an Entrepreneur and i believe in Quality.

    Thanks dude once again.!
    All the best to your Blog.


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