Indo Italian Similarities

18 Mar

Italian Marines who killed our fishermen. Presently enjoying life in Italy!!!

India and Italy have had a long goo relationship until the killing of Indian fishermen by Italian marines. If the news and media did not make any sensation the political class would have never bothered about an innocent life which is insignificant for them and Indo Italian ties would have been great. Lets examine in this blog the similarities between India and Italy and why we must be together.

Sangam Era

Tamil civilization flourished in the Sangam Era about three to five thousand years ago and Sangam literature clearly documents the presence of Italian sailors in streets of Tamilnadu. They drank in the evenings an moved clumsily in the street says a poem which I read it in my school text book.

Traditionally we have been having good relationship with Italy.

Mafia Rule

Both Italy and India are ruled by corrupt politicians and mafia gag. Almost every political leader in both countries have rowdy’s behind them and are extremely corrupt. Both in Italy and India people evade taxes an get away with it. All government officials in India and Italy can be bribed. In fact both countries exists on bribes.

Protecting the Illegal

Italy has been protecting the marines who killed Indian soldiers, similarly India has been protecting Satya Sri Sai Baba from Scotland Yard. Four or five U.K nationals were killed in his ashram, Scotland Yard wanted to question him but Indian politicians refused to hand him over even in face of mounting credible evidence.

India has no right to as any nation to send its illegal citizens for questioning here as it itself has broken law for religious votes.

Ruled by Italian

Last but not the least Italy is ruled by a Italian (no wonder) and India is ruled by Italian too. That’s Sonia Gandhi!!!

So why get angry with Itality when we are no pure than them?

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