Dirty Ugly Babies

24 Mar

It was some singing competition that my dining hall T.V was tuned to, a singing competition for the kids. A young kid was singing a Tamil song horribly and her voice was unbearable. And as I was putting food on my plate people remarked “look how good she looks, how sweet she sings”, my heart stopped. WHAT? WHAT ON EARTH. Sure God never exists or he is dead.

Its quiet stupid that in our culture that we always need to appreciate babies in our family and of others, even though they stink and look ugly. I quiet don’t get it. Why?

Much more stupid is facebook, people post the photos of their kids and if you comment the truth you are dead. I mean DEAD. You get calls from friends, blah blah, asking you to retract your comment, ask forgiveness to escape from hell, all because you told a ugly baby is ugly! I just feel like Socrates / Galileo to get charged for telling truth (its nice to feel like that).

Once in my clients office the secretary there was explaining about his 3 year old son. “He called me dad” said he. Moron what else he expects his kid to call him? Kangaroo! And he said it as though his kid who was born dumb suddenly started to speak like miracle. Can’t that idiot know human kids are hard wired to speak at certain age? Fucking God.

Of course all do love their kids no matter how ugly or idiotic they are. That’s how evolution has shaped us, else we would be killing our young ones and humans would have long vanished from this planet. But just because you love your kid, it doesn’t mean that you have to dump a shit load of data about it to every one. It sucks.

Its hard to imagine most who claim to love their kids ends up shacking their ones and spoil their future. I doubt is it real love or chemistry (this statement is stupid. All love is pure chemistry, all our life is chemistry!!), or show of pride (for creating another global warming contributor).

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