Practice art of ignoring on Subramaniya Swamy

30 Mar

Anti Tamil – Subramaniya Swamy

“Dear Mr Karthikeyan, your bog writing is very good and informative. Please write about the arrogant Subramaniam Swami for his anti-Tamil attitude and lobbying in US against interest of Tamils, in his twitter messages he writes as Tamil Porukkis which is highly condemnable . He is demeaning Student protesters also as Porukkis . Somebody should legally fight him to stop this utterance on Tamils.”


Well, that’s really true. Sometimes I truly feel it would be better if Swamy was dead. Here is why.

It was the time when DMK was pushing for the Sethu Samuthairam project, where a canal would be cut between Srilanka and India. This would allow Indian ships to travel easily between the east and west coast. Yes DMK did push it because its minister at that time in centre T.R. Balu had nexus with big shipping firms and this project would boost global shipping. Then came this mad man Subramaniya Swamy. I think he first argued that there is a bridge built by a ancient Indian prince called Lord Ram and henc this project should not be built.The idiotic BJP and RSS too played to Swamy’s Hindu fanaticism and the canal project was never complete.

If the project had been complete, it would have been enormous boost to Tamilian ports and economy. Srilanka which does not like Tamils idiotic guy who believes in something where there is no evidence destroyed the project.

Once in a T.V interview, I heard this sadist Swamy say this: ‘If you are Tamil get out of India, if you are a Indian stay here”. Well Swamy what about this: “If you are Hindu get out of India, If you are Indian stay here”. Our Tamil has been long here even before Indian nationalism started, and it would long exist even after India had been broken to pieces by politicians like you. I dare you, why don’t you with your incredible legal brains make India push out Tamilnadu to be on it own? Its my open challenge.

Subramaniya Swamy is not a credible man. He brought the disproportionate assets case on Jayalalitha, ut then he had a political alliance with her?! He is just another politician who uses his legal brains to sure and threaten others.

The latest sin committed by him is to disregard the Tamilian students protests which is forcing politicians to take note of Srilankan genocide. They, the Tamils there are our blood. They were systematically executed by the Sinhala people while Sonia Gandhi and Karunanidhi wathed and did nothing about it. Only Vaiko and பழ Nedumaaran were voicing about it. The Lankan Tamils have lost everything because of our inaction and Tamil student community is on a protest to bring the killer Rajapaksha to justice. When  Subramaniya Swamy call them porukkis all I can say to Swamy is this: அங்க நம்மவர்கள சாவடிக்கும் போது நீ இங்க இன்னா டா புடுங்கிருந்த?

This guy is anti-Tamil. Ignore him, he will bark bark and die one day. That’s it.


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2 responses to “Practice art of ignoring on Subramaniya Swamy

  1. eetamil

    May 19, 2013 at 6:33 PM

    Guess, he will be dead soon! RIP

    • Karthikeyan A K

      May 20, 2013 at 11:33 AM

      Rather than dead, if he can remove the religious fog that covers his min and see things clearly, it will be good.


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