The Developers Mentality

26 Apr

Well, the person who says “Nvidia fuck you” in the video is Linus Tovarlds. An excellent hacker who created Linux and a excellent versioning system called Git. This blog is for the management guys. Linus could have been a billionaire had he made his creations proprietary, but, he gave it away to the world for free.

There are thousands of developers around the world, who give away their creation and contributions for free. Why? I don’t know. The creation that Linus did, Linux, generates billions of dollars of revenue every year, and without it there would be no Internet as we know now. Frankly saying, 98% of the internet runs on Linux.

Any way I am going off topic. This blog is for the ones in management. Lets say that you run a company that hasn’t had a software division, say you have a weaving factory, you might e having a work structure where all needs to log their time in and time out so that one could know how long you have worked. Say that weaving factory wants to have a software team to write software for a smarter monitoring system they are doing to run the factory more efficiently, and they hire a software team. Is it right to treat them like the weavers? The answer is No.

Software is like writing a poetry. A poem is written which the computer understands and acts accordingly. Like poets software developers think they are God, get pleased when their creation is appreciated and feel down and would surely want to kill you if you don’t appreciate or speak damaging about his / her work. If he or she has that power, they will kill you. No kiddin.

One of my strong feelings is, software professionals can’t be truly monitored using time sheets or some stuff like that. A coder would have taken a week to complete a task and he might be filling his work form regularly to show it to his seniors, but another great coder would have completed the same work in day. If he was asked what he did in another 2 days he took rest or what his progress was, he would just reply “STFC” (see the fucking code).


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